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About Us and our Love of Photography

We are Mikala and Jesse, a Sunshine Coast based photographer duo.

We love music, beach dates, Indian food and board games. We love each other, banana smoothies, sunny days, movie nights and most importantly, our baby girl. We also love travelling, culture, our families and photography (true story).

Documenting love stories is what we do best. We take a relaxed and personal approach to wedding photography. For most of your wedding day you won't really notice us as we like to let your day unfold naturally without interference from us. The only times where we give some direction is for family and couple portraits.

Photographing couples on their happiest day makes us happy.

If this sounds good to you then we'll probably be a great match to be your wedding photographer.

Our Little Love Story

We met at University studying Graphic Design and Photography and we've been inseparable since.

In 2010 we quit our jobs and travelled the world. We explored 44 countries on 6 continents. Between us we took over 170 000 photos in the 18 months we were away. Needless to say we have very muscular trigger fingers now.

We photographed weddings in Italy and Switzerland on our global adventure. Since returning to Australia we haven't stopped photographing weddings and love in all forms.

We also shoot family, newborn and pet portraits.

Random Loves of Mikala's

Hammocks / Picnics / Bush Walks / Homemade Coconut Chocolate / Pictionary / Exploring / Adventure / My Baby's Bellybutton / Dancing Crazily / Laughing / Meeting New People / Riding my Bike / Michael Jackson / Bollywood / India

Random Loves of Jesse's

Africa / Beach Days / Berry Smoothies / Minimalism / Baking Muffins / Big Smiles / Sia / Guacamole / Snorkelling with Whale Sharks / Indian Food / Belly Laughs / Moroccan Tajines / My Daughter's Cheeky Giggle / Travelling with Mikala

Jesse's Books

Jesse is not only a wedding and family photography but also an award winning (published) travel photographer. He is the author, photographer and designer of five photography books. These books are collections of photographs he captured while travelling the world with Mikala for 650 days, through 44 countries, on 6 continents. The collections include love hearts, smiley faces, cats and dogs.
If you would like to check out Jesse's photographic gift books please follow the links below.

All the Love in the World - Special Edition
All the Love in the World
All the Happiness in the World
All the Cats in the World
All the Dogs in the World
You Mean the World to Me